5 Projekt Alternative New Launches

Pro-Alt new Launches
Here are This Weeks Top 5 Alt Launches 
Special Mention : 
Shiva Sutra - Inevitable Version of Black Afghano With Perfumologist Touch of Potency.
1. Alexa White - Inspired By Office For Men
2. Oud Sinister Inspired By RD Sweetie Oud 
3. Our MainLine Nocturnal Oud , Now in 50ml MI2 Pack - Same Great Juice at Much Economy
4. Alexa 666 - Much Awaited Hybrid of Creed Aventus and Baccarat Rouge
5. Barong Bali MI2 - Our Top Seller Oud in 50ml Made In India Version
All Five Alternatives Above Comes in Full Presentation with Box.