Purpose of Existence of Kannauj Perfumery 
    • These Magic Potions are made from 100% Natural and Authentic Top Grade Purity Compounds Averaging $10k Per Kg and Upward
    • Hand Extracted in Kannauj , North India
    • Hand Blended in Kannauj , North India
    • Ancient Ingredients
    • Supports Local Artisans Engaged in Traditional Distillation 
    • The Most Authentic Indian Artisnal Perfumery Experience!
      Ingredients Deployed(not limited to) -
      Ruh Gulab from (Rose) , Ruh Motia (Jasmine Sambac), Mysore Sandalwood , Indian - Heena , Shamama , Patchouli , Nagarmotha , Agarwood Assam , Hindi Oud , Assam Oud  , Indian Lotus Varieties and Over 80 More Essential Oils from Various Ecological Regions of India , Bhutan , Myanmar and Mysore

      India's Ecology has been divided into four major resons and we cover them all to provide truly authentic experience as Knowledge is the Key to Wisdom.

      1. The Himalayan Foothill -

      Cedar Wood , Vetiver and Oakmoss

      2.Peninsular Indian Sub-region:

      Rose , Sandalwood , Indian Patchouli

      3.Tropical Evergreen Forest Region or Indo-Malayan Sub-region:

      Agarwood , Birch , Vetiver  

      4. Mangrove Swamps of Sunderbans:

      Lotus , Jasmine Sambac , Musk Mallow (Malva moschata), Corn marigold (Glebionis segetum