#LIMITED - HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive
#LIMITED - HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive
#LIMITED - HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive
#LIMITED - HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive
#LIMITED - HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive
#LIMITED - HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive

#LIMITED - HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive

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HolyF*ck by Projekt Alterantive

Inspired By Khaneen Al Faqr By Hind Al Oud


Kheneen Al Fekr is inspired by the thoughts that pursue caught in your heart. Kheneen Al Fekr it begins with an aromatic, sweet, and pleasant note of Star Anis, softly and intimately combined with the warm, fruity notes of cherry blossom. The base note is Agarwood, entangling itself with the fragrance to linger in your memory.

Scent: Fresh

Fragrance Note: Star Anise, Cherry Blossom, Agarwood

Key Details: Perfume, 50ml, by Hind Al Oud 




I bought this perfume during this sale. I was a bit skeptical about it as I had never sampled it nor had I any idea about it . However , mohit suggested me to buy it and I went blind buy on it . This is my review after using it for just 3 days. Hence the review might miss a lot of things.

The opening gives a feel or orange juice. I have not heard anyone talking citrus about it . I heard it was a lavender burst. But the biggest whims from the first spray was orange juice to my nose. This had happened to me while purchasing skinn extreme on it .. There is no citrus in it , but the only dominating smell we get from it is lemon leaves. SO I guess this is the effect of the mix of many fragrance acting at the same time. The orange note is so strong in this , that it always made me long for an orange drink.

The orange settles down in about half hour and the lavender sets in slowly. The orange does not completely fades away too . The hint stays . It is jut the domination settles down.

The perfume is a very beautiful selection for office and whenever you need a mood upliftment. It might not perform much in high heat. However, in an environment where the tempereature is controlled, this is a good choice. The beauty of this perfume is that the same time it goes well in formal conditions, it is also good for a casual moment. It gives an out of the shower vibe which makes you feel fresh. Holy fuck perfume will perform good even during dates , when you want to project yourself as a gentleman and a person of character.

For a person who is low on budget and wants to use a perfume which is rich and luxurious in quality, this perfume is a must buy. So especially people who has budget of below INR 1000 , I will strongly recommend to grab the offer and I sincerely hope that you will not be disappointed.