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Inspired By Aventus + Overdose Birch

Birched Alexa By Projekt Alternative Extrait De Parfum

Birched Alexa By Projekt Alternative Extrait De Parfum

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Imagine walking through a forest. All around you are branches from trees. Lemons hanging. The woody, citrusy and natural feel accentuates from the surroundings and engulfs you in its aroma, while you find trees of other shapes. You see various kinds of wood and the birches standing apart with their slim girth. As you walk deep down, you feel the cold and smoke. The abundance of birches. You see flowers fallen all around, and the earth.

With Projekt Alternative, we have tried to capture this very essence of evening in deep wilderness. It wasn't easy though. The birch used in perfumery is extracted from the barks of Birch trees but due to overcultivation, it is as rare as sandalwood and has been banned by the EU for perfumery usage. This is the reason why perfumers in EU cannot use Birch in their blends today which manifest smokiness. Outside the EU, the birch gets rare too!

To produce the best of forests, we used 100% natural Siberian Birch and we blended it with white musk wax, patchouli and vanilla to create the smoky, lemony fragrance you're waiting to sport!Lets Talk about Birch Batches , Why Older Batches are Smoky and Newer Batches are Fruity.

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