Trifecta Lotus Oud By Kannauj Perfumery Parfum

Trifecta Lotus Oud By Kannauj Perfumery Parfum

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Trifecta Lotus Oud Edition

Another all Natural Blend.. Which Has 2 Variants
*Trifecta Lotus* 
Now Second one is MAJOR -
Trifecta Lotus Oud By Kannauj Perfumery
What @perfumologist Made in V1 was already a Massive pleaser , Now Imagine it being Worked by another Artist from Generations in Natural Perfumery.
Imagine Adding An Overdose of Hindi Oud(2% in V1 amped to higher levels)
And Blending done in Traditional Attar Making Way By Aff @IndiaPerfumers (Affiurrahman)
V2 = More Traditional , Animalic and Much Richer Version of V1
V1 Ingredients -
White Lotus Oil , Pink Lotus Oil , Blue Lotus Oil.
V2 ingredients
Hindi Oud , Pink Lotus , Blue Lotus , White

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 30ml Parfum - Pre Launch Reviewers Bottles - Cap Colours may Vary batch to batch until we come up with our own art caps.