What is Projekt Alternative

MI2 Or MI Square Stands for Made In India
Of The Fragheads! For The Fragheads , By the FragHeads
#Mission - We are on Mission to Create World's Most Affordable Alternative Fragrance House Hailing from the Great India where Perfumery has been inherited in Culture.
#Economical - While our Prices are 5x Cheaper then our Competitors , Our Fragrances are Top Notch When it comes to Blend Quality and Concentration.
#Global - We Procure Our Oils from India, UAE , Spain , Germany and Turkey
#Perfumologist - Projekt Alternative Remains close to Perfumologist Especially as it is his First Sctrepreneurial Creation ,
Hence Our Idea remains to touch the people across the World with Olfactive Language of Perfumery. 
Projekt Alternative From India !