Welcome to the Parallel, Dimesion of Niche Perfumery!

Where They are Long Lasting and Affordable.

With Time we have learnt that , For Hardcore Fragrance Lovers

"Only Juice Matters"

And Money Saved is Money Earned to Buy a New Fragrance"

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    This September we bring you 70 Restocks and 24 New Releases And All at Super Affordable Price point Starting Rs 749/- Or $10! For a 50ml! Yes! You read it right!

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  • What Makes Us Great!

    We are Hardcore FragJunkies and what really matters to us is the Cost , Concertartion & Compliments! Hence Invest in Main Zest! The Oil! Giving you a Ultimate Olfactive Satisfaction!

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  • Projekt Alternative By Perfumery

    Explore Perfumery India and Our Other Fragrant Endevours!

    Kannauj Perfumery


    Labology and More..

    India's Own Perfumery! 

Small Batch Niche Perfumes


All Products comes with Good Looking Presentation , Making them Great for Gifting as well!

With our Prices , Projekt Alternative Makes a Great Affordable Niche Gift!

Tantra Oud

Inspired By Land of Chants - Ladakh

Explore the Ancient of the Himalaya , The Chants and the Serenity in a Bottle.

Tantra Oud is crafted to bring out your inner Adventurist Soul , Mountain's are Calling!

The Ideology!

Our LOGO is the our first release artwork - alexa - which consists of 4 SYNONYMS -

EAGLE - THE Symbol of U.A.E.

AK-47 - THE Symbol of Power

Fern of Liberation - Ability to Acquire Quality Juices , At Right Prices.

Pineapple - Symbol of Variations


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